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Toner Queen korena is a liquid cosmetic lotion unlike other cosmetic toner in the market. Queen korea toner has the function of removing dirt in the skin area that the cleanser does not wash off, remove sebum, helps skin absorb nutrients easily from skin lotion and prevent acne, tighten pores feather, limit the risk of skin damage due to the environment, balance skin pH. Currently, there are many types of toners with different ingredients, used differently for each skin type.

Using toner is an important step in the basic 4-step skincare process - toner - lotion - sunscreen, but is overlooked. When you wash your face, it is unlikely that all dirt will be removed, if you still leave and apply the lotion, this will cause acne. And yet, cleansing the face also reduces the moisture needed for the skin. This is when Toner Queen korena appears and performs its mission.

1. Uses

- Balance the moisture immediately after use, giving your skin a smooth glow and preventing acne

- Deep cleaning, minimize pores effectively when combined with skincare steps

- Celestial extracts such as aloe leaves, green tea essence, vegetables ... help to soothe the skin instantly, helping to smooth skin, rejuvenate skin excessively and reduce wrinkles formation

- Helps soften skin quickly, increase nutrient absorption.

- Toner helps soften the keratinocyte layer on the skin, helps fast-absorbing lotion to avoid greasy, uncomfortable

2. Instructions for use.

After cleansing the skin, removing makeup and using a cleanser, you can use toner according to the following steps:

- Step 1: Pour a sufficient amount of toner onto the makeup remover. Should choose the type of bleached cotton with the outer edge will be better than the non-laced makeup remover cotton easily split into many layers.

- Step 2: Gently rub the makeup onto the skin, avoid the skin near the eyes, remember to be a dot, not rub, rubbing will make your skin hurt and also harmful to the skin acne.

- You can add toner to another cleanser to wipe off oily areas such as the T area of the forehead and nose, cheeks and chin.

- Step 3: Finally pat the skin while helping to elastic the skin and exercise for healthy skin.

- Step 4: Use regularly twice a day after cleansing.

3. Ingredients

Strawberry leaf extract, Aloe leaf extract, Green tea extract extract, Cheek extract, Vegetable extract.

4. Tips

Using toner is an important step in the basic 4-step skincare process - toner - lotion - sunscreen, but is overlooked. When you wash your face, it is unlikely that all dirt will be removed, if you still leave and apply the lotion, this will cause acne. And yet, cleansing the face also reduces the moisture needed for the skin. This is when Toner appears and performs its tasks.

5. Why should Toner Queen be used?

High permeability: With the familiar nature extracts, toner easily penetrates deep into the skin and promotes skin cleansing and soothing benefits.

Preventing the formation of acne: Aloe vera has an effective antibacterial effect, eliminates inflammation and reduces swelling on the skin, not allowing bacteria to act on the skin.

Soothing cool skin, no irritation: When toner on the skin, it will balance the PH on the skin, provide necessary moisture and soothe the skin that has just been irritated or affected by the rays outdoor ultraviolet.

Suitable for all skin types: Toner Queen just cleanses and greases the skin while providing the necessary amount of moisture on the skin, so it doesn't cause the skin to produce a lot of oil.

6. Additional reference

Toner is divided into three main categories:

Skin bracers or Skin Freshener

This is the quietest toner, containing water and moisturizer like glycerin and very little alcohol from 0-10%. Freshener Skin has the function of providing water, refreshing skin, cooling skin. Besides, the skin freshener also uses water essence from flowers such as roses, Roman daisies, lavender, green tea along with aloe vera, herbal extract ... to enhance nutrients for the skin. Usually, 'rose water' - the term is often used to refer to toner in Vietnamese, actually speaking of this type of Skin Freshener.

Skin tonics

A little stronger for Fresh Skin, Skin tonics has about 10-20% alcohol content in the ingredient. This toner has the ability to clean skin, shrink pores, antiseptic but still keep the skin necessary moisture. Orange perfume is an example of this type of toner commonly used on normal, mixed or oily skin.


This is the strongest toner with 20-60% alcohol. Because of this, astringent faced the objections of many skin care professionals because it was too dry, likely to cause irritation. However, this toner also offers certain benefits such as antiseptic, pore-tightening and reducing greasy skin.


Toner has a lot of uses such as removing dirt, removing sebum, tightening pores, pH balance, helping to protect the skin, limiting the risk of destruction from the environment. Some modern toners also increase the moisturizing effect, making the skin smoother and smoother. For oily skin, toner cleanses the lubricant, limiting pore clogging causing acne.


Toner has the main ingredient is water, moisturizer, alcohol depending on the amount of more or less with the essence, extracted from natural materials such as roses, mint, chrysanthemum, green tea, orange , apples, aloe vera ... There are also vitamins and minerals.

Use by skin type:

Dry skin

For dry skin, even after cleansing, the skin can still be stressed. Skin freshner is suitable for this skin type thanks to its ability to supply water and moisturize the skin. Any type of toner containing alcohol is not suitable for dry skin.

Normal and mixed leather

This type of skin is not too oily nor too dry. The toner option is suitable for this type of skin depending on weather conditions. When the weather is hot, tonic skin often chooses to reduce excess oil and help skin feel refreshed. When the weather is cold, normal skin and combination skin should choose skin freshner to enhance skin moisturization.

Oily skin

For oily skin, sebum or build up on the skin, it is easy to get acne. Toner suitable for oily skin is tonic skin, cleansing skin effectively. In some cases the skin is stable but too much oil, dermatologists can advise oily skin using Astringent. However, with high alcohol content, continuous use of Astringent can make the skin too dry, irritation and loss of essential oils for the skin, making the acne situation more serious.

How to use

Toner can be applied to the skin in different ways:

-Use wet cotton wool this is the most used method.

-Gather up your face.

Use a gauze mask that contains nutrients - a gauze pad covered with toner and applied to the face for a few minutes.

Users often use moisturizer after the toner has dried.

You can make manual Toner water:

Besides toner is a chemical product, users can also make their own toner from natural ingredients. There are many types of toners prepared from fruit skin well.

- Toner mint leaves: Soak the mint leaves in warm water for 10 minutes, then wait for it to cool and rub on the cleansed face. Mint toner is suitable for acne-prone skin and sensitive skin.

- Cucumber and fresh milk Toner: Mix 1/2 crushed cucumber fruit with a few tablespoons of pure fresh milk, cover your face for 10 minutes and rinse with cold water.

- Toner chamomile: Soak a bag of chamomile tea in a cup of hot water for about 5 minutes, wait for warm water and apply a mixture on the face and neck.

- Toner green tea: Use green tea and rub on the cleansed face in minutes. Wait dry and rinse with cold water, green tea not only helps to clean the skin but also limits the skin very well.

- Apple cider vinegar: Mix 4 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar with 4 tablespoons rose rose water soaked in hot water until the petal color becomes clear. Applying this mixture on your face and neck regularly in the morning will help cleanse and exfoliate naturally.

For certain types of toners such as green tea, apple cider vinegar, etc., it is possible to take 2-3 days to put it in the refrigerator, without daily use. Homemade toner products, when placed in the refrigerator, also help increase the pore effect and create a relaxing feeling

Note: The product has a support function and is not a medicine

Skin Type:
All skin types

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