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Deep Whitening Mask Korena extracted from the Nest

Korena, All skin types
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Deep Whitening Mask Korena extracted from the Nest is a liquid cream mask, the product Deep Whitening Mask Korena helps penetrate into the skin better, the deep penetrating essence inside helps to whiten and not cause irritation. With a light scent, the cream is smooth and non-sticky, creating a comfortable feeling

Uses of Deep Whitening Mask Korena extracted from the Bird's Nest:

- Naturally moisturizes skin, softens and restores skin due to the use of a fatty acid mixture

- Detoxify the skin, reduce skin irritation

- Promote collagen production and increase skin elasticity

- Peeling and removing dead skin instead is a smooth and brighter skin

- Smoothing wrinkles, regenerating skin, blurring pigmentation pigmentation, anti-aging skin

- Improve pores, reduce bruises, improve skin pigmentation, brighten and whiten skin safely

- Protects skin from free radicals that are harmful to cells and affect the general condition and appearance of the skin.

Instructions for use Deep Whitening Mask Korena extracted from Bird's Nest:

- Use 1-2 times / day in the morning or evening.

- Before using, wash your face with Cleansing Milk Korena cleanser to clean oil, oily, dirt, dead cells, makeup) and dry your face,

- Apply a thin layer of cream to your face, massage evenly and gently create a mask covering your face

- Incubate for about 20 - 30 minutes for the cream to penetrate deep inside to work better.

- After that, wash your face clean with normal cool water (it's best to wash your face with Koreans Cleansing Milk cleanser to wash away any dead skin cells that stick to your face).

Target of irritation: not available

Storage: In a dry, cool place, avoid sunlight. Keep out of reach of CHILDREN

Skin Type:
All skin types

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